Wind Turbines by BEE

By investing in local wind farms, BEE helps its industrial customers to achieve sustainability and cost-saving goals, using clean and affordable energy through direct injection.

Wind Turbines by BEE

A unique concept

Energy production on your own industrial site

BEE takes a unique approach to wind energy development. We prefer to produce onshore wind energy on or near the customer’s industrial site, to be consumed directly. This offers many advantages compared to large wind farms, far away from human activities and industry, where the produced energy is injected into the public grid. BEE’s on-site methodology does not require the sacrifice of agricultural or forested areas.

Low-cost energy with a financial upside

The energy produced by BEE’s on-site wind turbines is used directly by the customer. As an added bonus, BEE offers a unique opportunity to co-invest in your own energy project.

The result is a trifold advantage: cost savings through direct energy injection, a smaller footprint, and a guaranteed return on investment.

A totally carefree solution

BEE has a long track record and extensive expertise in wind energy projects with “direct injection”.

We offer you a totally carefree solution, and will take responsibility for the entire energy project on or near your production site. You can count on us for every aspect: feasibility study, permit application, contracting, project finances leading up to and including construction, operations and maintenance.

BEE offers a total solution tailored exactly to your consumption profile.

Wind Energy by BEE: all the advantages for our customers and partners

BEE brings the advantages of the production of onshore wind energy into your company, along with peace of mind on your side.

The advantages of wind energy with BEE in a nutshell:

  • Total care: we unburden you 100%
  • Tailored solution for your company’s processes
  • Innovative green and clean energy production
  • Significant financial benefit comes from direct use of the produced energy
  • Unique concept of co-investment up to 50% with an attractive ROI

Want to know more about our unique approach to onshore wind energy?

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