Developing your own energy project and co-investing?

Own energy production is preceded by a substantial development and construction phase. BEE has all the technical and financial expertise with a proven track record in renewable energy sources such as heat, sun, wind and bio.

Developing your own energy project and co-investing?

Development phase

BEE invests up to 100% in your energy project and therefore bears the greatest risk. BEE looks after the project with all its expertise and guides the project through this labour-intensive and complex process. As a customer, you can co-invest in your energy project. The development process includes concept design, engineering, permit application, possible subsidy application, contracting and financing.

Construction phase

Construction is carried out and monitored by carefully selected contractors and technical teams. BEE selects partners that provide the most advanced and specialized technology for any type of local production project.

Exploitation phase

BEE can also advise and assist you during the exploitation phase. BEE takes care of the operational activities and maintenance throughout the lifespan of your project. In addition, BEE monitors the operational state of the installations and guarantees energy production and consumption.

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Avient (formerly PolyOne)

Early in 2011, the American multinational Avient (formerly PolyOne) expressed its interest in installing wind turbines on its site in Assesse, near Ciney. Previous similar projects initiated by several companies had failed due to restrictions and environmental regulations.

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Michael Corten

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Christophe Surleraux

Producing sustainable energy together

BEE generates local, renewable energy on a large scale using solar panels, wind turbines or green heat plants.
The renewable energy generated can be delivered directly or indirectly to your company.

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Your customized sustainable energy solution

BEE guarantees energy security and does so as much as possible through its own sustainable production facilities and under the best conditions, with transparent pricing formulas and taking into account your consumption profile.

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