About BEE

BEE is a 100% Belgian energy company, founded in 2010 by three experienced energy entrepreneurs and owned by the management and strong family shareholders. With its own green heat plants and wind and solar parks, BEE supplies its customers with locally generated energy.

BEE stands for Belgian Eco Energy and wants to offer local energy solutions under the best conditions and thus assist companies in achieving their sustainability goals.

The shortest chain!
The BEE honeycomb

With its revolutionary business model, BEE explicitly targets companies that either have their own space for the production of sustainable energy, or want to make an impact with new installations at another location in Belgium (CPPA).

The locally generated electricity and heat is injected directly into your company. Any surplus, supplemented with surpluses from other sites, is fed back into the grid. This model results in a network of local production sites, each responsible for sustainable and clean energy production. A bit like a honeycomb...

Shortest chain energy = renewable, recognisable and traceable!

The drivers of BEE!

BEE Belgian

BEE is Belgian. 100%.

BEE stands for Belgian Eco Energy and offers local energy solutions on the best terms. This is how we assist companies in their sustainability efforts.

As an energy company, BEE saw the (solar) light in 2010. BEE is a mix of experienced entrepreneurs in the energy sector with strong family roots and natural energy from here, for companies from here. BEE has its own green heat plants and wind farms. It thus provides its customers with locally generated Belgian energy.

BEE passionate

Passion for energy. It flows. We know what is going on in the energy market and are determined to ensure a more sustainable future for businesses. Our expertise is our passion. And so we put the world in transition with innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

Those ideas revolve around renewable energy: solar, wind, bio and green heat. BEE develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy plants and delivers the generated green energy to local companies.

BEE bold

Every new idea is isolated at first. Only much later do others call it unique. Daring. Bold. Being a pioneer always starts with a lonely journey on paths where no one has ever been. That too is our story. It is a story of perseverance. Persevering towards a more sustainable world.

BEE visionary

BEE is visionary. Our business model is there for companies that are equally visionary. Companies that either have space for their own renewable energy production or want to make an impact with new installations, and do so at a different location in Belgium.

Locally generated electricity and heat is green. Because green, that's the future. At BEE, sustainability, innovation and industry embrace each other. The energy we generate is injected or goes indirectly to your company and any surpluses are injected back into the grid. Our model results in a network of local plants, each guaranteeing sustainable and clean energy production.

And so your business will soon be running thanks to shortest-chain energy. Renewable. Recognisable. Traceable.

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Michael Corten

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Christophe Surleraux

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ing. Vicky Buyse

Ready for a collaboration with BEE?

BEE has all the technical and financial expertise in-house with a proven track record in renewable energy sources such as heat, sun, wind and bio.

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