BEE is always looking for talent for both the 'Supply' and 'Project development' departments. With a solid background in energy, you are one step ahead. You can always apply spontaneously via


We are Pioneers, we push boundaries. We distinguish ourselves from others by not dwelling on the now and having the drive to shape the future. 


Our Long-Termfocus ensures stability and resilience, for consciously working towards our mission. It is the best breeding ground for creating innovative ideas and added value and the guiding principle for working in a result-oriented way. 


Being open to change is the shortest route to exciting discoveries. We are not afraid to try things out or go back to the drawing board if we have to. We grow stronger from quests. It underpins our success. It is what makes us succeed. 


Our commitment transcends the day-to-day, the routine. Dedication gives us the energy to go the extra mile each time. that is the basis for sustainable success. 


Fires up every day to sculpt a work of art of passion, drive and enthusiasm. 

    Account Manager (full-time)
    Spontaneous application

    Are you a born salesperson with a strong affinity for the energy sector?
    You are always welcome to join our team!

    Send your CV and cover letter to

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