BEE is always looking for talent for both the 'Supply' and 'Project development' departments. With a solid background in energy, you are one step ahead. You can always apply spontaneously via


We’re pioneers, we push boundaries forward and lead by advocating progress.


Our commitment supersedes daily routine. Enduring success is built on commitment dat runs at a deeper level. Through dedication, a heart for the business, we go the extra mile.


Our long-term focus brings stability and resilience. It fosters a culture in which we work very consciously towards the accomplishment of our mission. This drives innovative ideas, added-value partnership and a long-lasting urge to achieve goals.


The intrinsic energy to pursue the art of the craft, fueled by passion and enthusiasm.


Openness to change is the best short-cut to exciting new discoveries. We’re not afraid of trying out new things, of going back to the drawing board. Quests make us stronger. It is the foundation of our success. It is what makes us succeed.

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Marketing Manager Full-time (M/V)

Als Marketing Manager neem je een polyvalent takenpakket aan waarbij je voornamelijk de branding van BEE voor je rekening neemt.

Je genereert een goede kennis van de markt want je hebt als doel om de marktevoluties en de noden binnen de energiesector op de voet te volgen, om vervolgens gepaste acties te ondernemen met het oog op commerciële groei. Je speelt in op de actualiteit door op gepaste momenten nieuwsbrieven en marketing campagnes te genereren.

Interested?
Account Manager (full-time)

Working at BEE means working towards a sustainable future in which we build our own Belgian green energy production. BEE was founded in 2010 by energetic entrepreneurs and is in the hands of management and strong family shareholders. BEE is a rapidly growing company and therefore wants to strengthen its enthusiastic team with a passionate and positive Account Manager.

Interested?
Spontaneous application

Are you a born salesperson with a strong affinity for the energy sector?
You are always welcome to join our team!

Send your CV and cover letter to

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