Make your business more sustainable together with BEE

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) assures your company of reliable, local and affordable energy.

A CPPA is a long-term green Power Purchase Agreement between the producer(s) and the customer.

Make your business more sustainable together with BEE

The 'Champions League' of sustainability: the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) or a Corporate Heat Purchase Agreement (CHPA)

Locally generated green energy for your business

Sustainability has become a basic principle for most companies.
However, an ever-growing group of the world's top companies goes one step further: they aim for a visible impact: they can do this by investing in renewable energy and energy savings at their own locations. But if that is not (entirely) possible, they will enter into a long-term agreement with new sustainable energy installations. In this way, the impact is clear and so-called "greenwashing" is avoided. Moreover, these companies ensure long-term energy and price security. We call these long-term agreements Corporate Purchase Agreements.

BEE is one of the absolute pioneers of CPPAs en CHPAs and therefore has significant and successful experience with them. Let BEE guide you in this forward-looking agreement:
You can count on BEE as an energy supplier and a developer of a new renewable energy project for locally produced electricity (CPPA) and/or heat (CHPA). BEE can deliver the agreed amount of electricity to your company via direct injection at your location or via indirect injection delivered via the public electricity grid.

BEE looks into the possibility for you to produce and supply (directly) or (indirectly) newly generated energy at your company, either alongside your company or in the region. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and expertise in energy production, combined with years of market knowledge as an energy supplier, BEE provides a win-win deal and facilitates your entire CPPA or CHPA.

Your company undertakes to purchase all or an agreed part of the production of the new project over a longer period of time - usually 10 years or more.

Make your business more sustainable together with BEE

The benefits of a Corporate Purchase Power Agreement with BEE

  • You ensure your business has a stable and affordable energy supply, even at peak times. When demand rises faster than supply, CPPA holders stay out of harm's way.
  • You can much better monitor the share of energy costs in total costs, drastically reduce the risk of cost increases and make more reliable cost projections.
  • This is your insurance against the risks of geopolitical tensions and market volatility. The CPPA is an instrument of financial stability.
  • You provide your business with local, renewable energy from a reliable and guaranteed source.
  • You achieve the objectives imposed on you by the European Green Deal and score high on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Your shareholders, customers and partners will like that too.
  • You strengthen the presence of local, future-oriented energy infrastructure and contribute to the energy transition of our economy in general. You are now co-producer of green growth.
  • You acquire the guarantee of green energy. Greenwashing is impossible. This also allows you to communicate credibly, because you are an authentic change leader.

A unique and innovative proposal tailored to your business

A CPPA from BEE offers you a perfect combination of "as-produced" volumes from our assets (solar, wind or bio) at fixed price tailored to your consumption profile. The renewable energy generated from biomass, provides stability which the energy supply from sun or wind cannot.

No profile factors are charged, nor click premiums or bandwidths and your remaining consumption profile is settled based on the variable Belpex-hourly spot price.

Your company is protected against the risks of volatile markets and at the same time, you can take advantage of price fluctuations with BEE HIVE.

Make your business more sustainable together with BEE

BEE has a unique position as producer and supplier of locally produced Bio-energy

With the Bio Energy Base, BEE strengthens its unique position as a producer and supplier of locally produced green electricity and heat.

By entering into a CPPA or CHPA bilaterally with BEE, you as a company will have the unique opportunity to both drastically reduce your exposure to volatile energy markets and zero carbon emissions at the same time.

BEE provides you with Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in a CPPA, the only legal and reliable evidence a company can provide to support its emission reduction efforts. GOs completely rule out greenwashing and you can be sure that it is 100% green energy.

Make your business more sustainable together with BEE

Energy contract tailored to your business

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