BEE = your partner for sustainable energy production

BEE discusses the potential profit for your company at C-level. This profit can largely be achieved by producing local energy ourselves. BEE analyses your consumption profile and your optimal production profile and gets you off grid as much as possible. In this way you can really become more sustainable and also achieve significant savings on your energy bill! You are no longer dependent on external factors - geopolitical and geo-economic factors - and pay less network costs and taxes!

BEE = your partner for sustainable energy production

Are you already producing?  

Did you receive Green Certificates (GSC) and Guarantees of Origin (GO) for the production of renewable energy? We help you to sell them at the best rates.

Do you want to produce your own energy?  

BEE is a professional energy project developer with a proven successful track record. BEE can bear 100% of the burden, but also offers you the unique opportunity to invest in your own project. This is a WIN-WIN!

Do you want to trade your produced energy?  

BEE buys locally produced electricity and sells it to neighbouring companies. Because of its expertise in the production of energy, combined with in-depth market knowledge as a supplier, BEE can secure the best deal.

Renewable energy sources

All our production installations aim for a total solution tailored to your energy needs with the aim of cheaper and sustainable energy, less CO2 emissions and less dependence on the grid. As an energy supplier, BEE makes those savings visible for you on the invoice and takes the energy surplus back into the portfolio! There are no imbalance surprises with BEE.

Wind energy

Alongside large-scale wind farms for Avient, Autover and Bières de Chimay, among others, we can also deploy our expertise and investment capacity to serve your company. BEE assumes responsibility for the entire process: feasibility study, drawing up the permit application, negotiating turbines, financing, construction and operation. Together we investigate the potential for injecting energy directly into your company grid creating an additional financial benefit.

Solar energy

BEE practises sustainable unburdening: the development of customised PV projects starting from a minimum consumption of 400 MWh and based on your needs and the local situation. BEE offers a customised total service: calculation of your production and consumption profile, development of your business case, subsidy application and financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the installation. You realise significant savings and make your consumption more sustainable in the long term.


BEE develops, finances and realises both industrial and urban heat and steam networks. The green heat and steam are produced in the BEE heat plants or originate from third parties as residual heat.

BEE takes responsibility for the entire heat project: permit application, technology, contracts, financing, construction and operation of the plant.

In this way, the Bio Energy Base will supply green electricity and heat to local industry.

Our production experts are there for you!

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Develop and co-invest in your own energy project

Your energy project starts with a concept design and a detailed business case with clear ROI scenarios. Our engineers and financial analysts work with you to develop a profitable energy project.

I want to develop and co-invest

Your customised sustainable energy solution

BEE guarantees energy security and does so as much as possible through its own sustainable production facilities and under the best conditions, with transparent pricing formulas and taking into account your consumption profile.

I want carefree energy

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