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Who is BEE?

BEE is a Belgian manufacturer with local production sites for the Belgian market. More info About BEE.

Can I join BEE as an individual?
Why installing a Digital Meter?
An acquisition or relocation is planned, now what?
I have questions regarding my payments, refunds or annual statements
What is measurement regime 3?
My solar panels have just been installed, what does my supplier need to know about this?
How do I apply for measurement regime 3?
What is the difference between a dynamic and variable tariff?
What are dynamic rates at BEE?
What is imbalance?

Energy sharing

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Energy sharing, does it make sense?

There has been a lot of talk about energy shares recently, but often the complexity of the matter is underexposed. With the information below, we want to help you make an informed choice.
This is because energy sharing is often presented as a way to market your injection more cheaply or make your offtake cheaper.

As a BEE customer, your consumption is charged at Belpex hourly prices, and you already enjoy cheap energy prices when the sun shines (and also when the wind blows). With these dynamic energy prices, you are actually already "energy sharing with the whole market". So you are not necessarily doing an advantage with energy sharing, and because by participating in energy sharing you are stepping into a more complex system, there are additional costs involved, which may make the solution no longer interesting.

Do you have another question?

Do you have another question?

Our team is happy to answer your questions. Email your question to We aim to reply within 3 working days. During peak periods, it may take slightly longer.

Klaar voor een samenwerking met BEE?

BEE heeft alle technische en financiële expertise in huis met een bewezen track record in hernieuwbare engeriebronnen zoals warmte, zon, wind en bio. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur. Feugiat sed integer aliquet egestas. Massa suspendisse justo praesent vitae.

Ik wil samenwerken

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