Bio Energy Base
Green heat

Bio Energy Base

At the beginning of January, BEE started the construction of a new green heat plant based on wood waste that cannot be recycled locally: the Bio Energy Base. The power plant is under construction in the port of Ghent (North Sea Port) on the site of Ghent Coal Terminal.

Core data

Green energy production
250 GWh green heat, 160 GWh green electricity
100 million euros
In construction since
January 2020

The Bio Energy Base will process about 150,000 tonnes of waste wood annually, most of which (about 75%) will be transported by barge. The wood waste comes from container parks, businesses and the demolition of old houses. Only the fraction that is not recyclable will be used in the power plant. In this way, we work according to the principles of Lansink's ladder.

The plant is equipped with the most advanced air purification technologies and thus meets the very strict emission standards. The impact on the environment was therefore classed as negligible. The plant produces 20 MW of green electricity (the annual consumption of about 50,000 households) and supplies green steam and heat to industrial customers in the area via a heat network. In this way, the power plant contributes to achieving Flanders' climate objectives by supplying CO2 neutral electricity and heat.

About the client

The Bio Energy Base is a BEE project and was made possible with the financial support of London's infrastructure fund Equitix, NatWest and the Coöperatie Zonneberg. The power plant supplies green electricity and heat to industrial customers in the port of Ghent and green steam and heat in the surrounding area via a heat and steam network.

The nearby chemical company Gadot is already the first industrial customer to have a long-term agreement with the green steam power plant.

BEE is currently negotiating with other potential heat and steam consumers, and other electricity consumers. Its green nature, base load profile and the fact that it is new capacity, makes it a very attractive offer.

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Experts for this project
Michel Peeters

Project Director

Michael Corten

Chief Executive Officer

Pallieter Muyldermans

Project Development Manager

Gaetan Moussiaux

Project Development Manager

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