Wind farm Lorraine

Wind farm Lorraine

Along the motorway E411, not far from the border with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the 6 wind turbines of the Arlon and Messancy wind farm have been built.

This project was initiated by BEE in cooperation with a Dutch energy supplier. It took more than 5 years of development to obtain the necessary permits. In 2015 the wind farm could be built. The total investment amounted to just under 20 million euros.

This project has strong local anchoring with a civil cooperative, Vents du Sud, which owns one of the wind turbines. SOPAER and the municipality of Messancy have joined forces with BEE to finance and operate 2 wind turbines via the company Exploitation Eoliennes de Lorraine.

The wind farm produces about 25 GWh per year, which corresponds to the energy consumption of about 8000 households.

In 2018, BEE sold its stake of Eoliennes de Lorraine in order to focus more on the development of wind energy projects for industrial self-use.

Core data
6 wind turbines
2 MW
17 million euros
Successfully performed by BEE
In operation since
Expert for this project
ir. Christophe Surleraux

Chief Development Officer

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