Chimay brewery brews with green wind energy from BEE

Chimay brewery brews with green wind energy from BEE

Since October 2020, the imposing, graceful blades of a wind turbine have been rotating at the production site of the Chimay brewery. The installation of this wind turbine is part of a sustainable development plan designed in a collaboration between Brasseries de Chimay and BEE.

Installed on the Baileux industrial estate, this wind turbine will produce up to 5200 megawatt hours of green electricity per year, which will be used to power the brewery's neighbouring bottling plant.

This direct injection will result in the use of 90% green electricity at the bottling site !

The surplus will be fed into the public grid by BEE.

BEE took care of the investment, design and construction of the 150-metre high wind turbine. The wind turbine will produce up to 5,200 megawatt hours of green electricity per year, which will be used in the brewery's nearby bottling plant (in Baileux). The surplus will be injected into the grid.

This new step will enable the Chimay group to produce its beers and cheeses more sustainably and independently. Each year, the brewery invests between 3 and 5 million euros in its equipment and buildings, always with the aim of securing the long-term future of the company, producing quality products and improving its energy efficiency. By 2019, 1200 solar panels had already been installed on the roof of the building, while the new, more efficient and economical bottling line was inaugurated.

This is a further demonstration of BEE's know-how in developing renewable energy projects for companies wishing to move away from conventional energy. With this long-term partnership, BEE is resolutely demonstrating its forward-looking vision.

Core data
1 wind turbine
5200 MWh/year
Total investment
3,3 million euros
In operation
since October 2020
Expert for this project
ir. Christophe Surleraux

Chief Development Officer

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