Autover wind farm
Saint Gobain, Bastogne

Autover wind farm

This wind turbine has been installed on Autover's own site in Bastogne and will be ready in November 2020. The project is the result of a long development process by BEE that started in 2012. Sometimes you have to be very patient to ensure success!

Core data

1 Wind turbine
800 kW
Successfully performed by BEE

The company Exploitation Eoliennes de Bastogne was established to finance this project. This project will ensure that more than 70% of the Autover site in Bastogne will run on wind energy.

Thanks to the collaboration with the cooperative Courant d'Air, the project will provide a good local anchoring. The employees and residents of the municipality of Bastogne have the opportunity to participate in the Autover company.

A word from Autover's site manager, Timothée De Greift: "Now that this wind turbine has been built, we have completely appropriated it! »

About the client

Saint Gobain Autover Distribution Autover is the St Gobain Group's global distribution centre for vehicle glass replacements.

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Contact a BEE expert
Expert for this project
Christophe Surleraux

Chief Development Officer

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