Wind Turbine Bel’Ardenne

Wind Turbine Bel’Ardenne

From June 2023, this wind turbine will be fully operational, marking an exciting turning point in the energy landscape of Vaux-sur-Sure.

This wind turbine, type Enercon EP2-103, represents a major milestone in the journey towards a greener and cleaner energy supply. Here are some essential details that reveal the story of this remarkable installation:

  • Technical performance: The Enercon EP2-103 wind turbine, with a capacity of 2.3 MW, is designed to combine efficiency with reliability. Its streamlined shape and advanced technology enable it to generate maximum energy even in variable wind conditions. This results in a continuous and reliable supply of clean electricity
  • Green impact: One of the remarkable aspects of BEE wind turbines is its ability to cover more than 70% of Bel 'Ardenne's total energy consumption. This represents a significant reduction in reliance on non-renewable energy sources and an important step towards a sustainable future. By reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution, the wind turbine contributes to a healthier living environment
  • Direct injection: Every turn of the blades contributes directly. No waste, no middlemen, just pure, unadulterated energy flowing to the Bel 'Ardenne site. This is a story of synergy, where man and machine work together to leave a sustainable legacy.

This wind turbine not only provides energy but also creates awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources and the importance it plays in shaping a sustainable future. This wind turbine is tangible evidence of Bel'Ardenne's commitment to creating a greener and cleaner world. With its technical excellence, positive environmental impact and strong leadership in inspiring example of what is possible when innovation and sustainability come together.

About the Client

Bel'Ardenne is part of the Detry Food Group. Detry is a family business that has been producing and selling a wide range of fine meats with the utmost dedication since 1963. The group is currently led by co-owner and managing director Frédéric Detry.

Wind Turbine Bel’Ardenne
Core data
Operationeel sinds
June 2023
Wind Turbine Enercon type EP2-103
2,3 MW
Experts for this project
Michael Corten

Chief Executive Officer

ir. Christophe Surleraux

Chief Development Officer

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