Thanks to BEE HIVE, energy is shared in a smart way!

Thanks to BEE HIVE, energy is shared in a smart way!

With BEE HIVE, BEE provides an energy managemant platform to maximise the flexibility of our customers' energy consumption, reduce their energy costs and promote the integration of renewable energy into the power system. BEE HIVE combines BEE's unique knowledge and expertise with customer consumption data and energy market data.

BEE is a frontrunner, taking the lead in facilitating better and smarter energy management for their customers, being companies with their own local production plants (PV) or energy assets such as batteries or charging stations, which are also given the opportunity to use BEE's green production assets in the form of CPPAs.

BEE HIVE optimises customers' energy costs taking into account the spot market, weather forecasts, imbalance market and capacity tariff. Thus, customer consumption volumes are smartly plotted according to those parameters. By smartly scheduling consumption volumes for the customer, and deviating from the customers' planned production and consumption at the right time with the right volumes, BEE HIVE can automatically facilitate optimal energy savings for the customer. BEE customers will thus always consume, inject or load at the most advantageous time.

Moreover, BEE customers get a transparent insight into energy consumption and costs linked to their own green production facilities or to BEE's production facilities. Above that, BEE's Bio Energy Base provides constant production with renewable energy from biomass, as opposed to supplying energy from solar or wind. This creates stability that BEE's customers do not find with a traditional supplier.

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The BEE HIVE: the smart way to share energy

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BEE has all the technical and financial expertise in-house with a proven track record in renewable energy sources such as heat, sun, wind and bio. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your project together!

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