BEE takes care of it, 100%

BEE takes care of it, 100%

BEE is the only Belgian B2B energy company that offers a total service in the field of energy: BEE develops, finances, builds and operates new sustainable production installations and it produces green electricity and heat. BEE also supplies a tailor-made energy solution.


BEE = local energy for your company

BEE supplies sustainable energy, generated in its own installations and network of local energy solutions



Your energy project starts with a concept design and a detailed business case with clear ROI scenarios. Our engineers and financial analysts work with you to develop a profitable energy project.


BEE generates local, renewable energy on a large scale using solar panels, wind turbines or green heat plants. The sustainable energy generated can be delivered directly or indirectly to your company.


BEE guarantees energy security and does this as much as possible through its own sustainable production installations and under the best conditions, with transparent pricing formulas and taking into account your consumption profile.

Key projects

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Bio Energy Base

Green heat

Core data

Green energy production
250 GWh green heat, 160 GWh green electricity
100 million euros
In construction since
January 2020

Bio Energy Base

At the beginning of January, BEE started the construction of a new green heat plant based on wood waste that cannot be recycled locally: the Bio Energy Base. The power plant is under construction in the port of Ghent (North Sea Port) on the site of Ghent Coal Terminal.

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Chimay brewery brews with green wind energy from BEE


Core data

1 wind turbine
5200 MWh/year
Total investment
3,3 million euros
Successfully implemented
In operation
since October 2020

Chimay brewery brews with green wind energy from BEE

Since October 2020, the imposing, graceful blades of a wind turbine have been rotating at the production site of the Chimay brewery. The installation of this wind turbine is part of a sustainable development plan designed in a collaboration between Brasseries de Chimay and BEE.

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Power Purchasing Agreement

As an energy supplier, BEE can buy and sell your locally produced electricity to neighbouring companies. As an energy developer of new renewable installations, BEE can also be your partner to inject locally produced electricity and heat directly or indirectly into your company.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge and expertise in energy production, combined with years of market knowledge as an energy supplier, BEE offers you the best deal.

BEE is the partner of choice to offer companies a PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement).

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