The future is already here

The future is already here

Never before has it been so obvious: how we power our businesses and economy needs to be completely different. And it can be done differently.

At least: if we face the sense of urgency. Suppose we use the current context to accelerate the energy revolution. A sustainable economic future starts with renewable energy from our own soil.

In our white paper, you will read how projects like the Bio Energy Base are greening, anchoring industrial activity, and spurring innovation.


Your energy project starts with a concept design and a detailed business case with clear ROI scenarios. Our engineers and financial analysts work with you to develop a profitable energy project.


BEE generates local, renewable energy on a large scale using solar panels, wind turbines or green heat plants. The sustainable energy generated can be delivered directly or indirectly to your company.


BEE maximizes energy security through its own sustainable production installations and offers transparant products under the best conditions, taking into account your consumption profile.

Energy sharing

BEE helps you in sharing energy, whether you need energy or produce too much energy according to your own consumption.

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