"The Circular Industry Day" in Ghent, a transnational conference for circular economy in the region

"The Circular Industry Day" in Ghent, a transnational conference for circular economy in the region

On Tuesday 16 May, the North Sea Port and Smart Delta Resources (SDR) will organise the circular industry day at the Lasloods in Vlissingen.

The Circular Industry Day is a conference with networking opportunities on circular ambitions, collaborations in and between value chains, the region's ecosystems and the importance of circular economy in the context of the climate challenge.

The Scheldt-Delta region stretches from Bergen op Zoom towards Vlissingen, Terneuzen and along the Canal Zone to Ghent. The industries in the Scheldt-Delta region are competitive, energy-intensive, diverse, complementary and belong to the (innovative) world's top chemical, energy, steel and food sectors. The importance of the SDR region is endorsed by both the Netherlands and Flanders. For instance, North Sea Port as a port in the SDR region alone has an economic added value of 12.5 billion euros and (in)direct employment of 100,000 jobs.

For both sides of the border, sustainability of the cluster is crucial to maintain the current industry, and to secure an attractive business and investment climate. The transnational cooperation between Flemish and Dutch industry, government and other organisations is widely recognised and both governments have identified the Scheldt-Delta region as a region of particular importance with a view to energy transition within industry.

BEE, as a proud partner of SDR, presented the Bio Energy Base:

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