BEE = your partner for sustainable energy supply

BEE supplies sustainable energy, generated in its own installations and from the network of local production installations. This network of production installations generates large surpluses of energy that cannot be purchased on location. Supplemented with energy, purchased from other decentralised producers and on the wholesale markets, BEE can offer energy at a very competitive price. BEE takes your consumption profile and your risk profile into account. Based on these parameters and tailored to your business activities, BEE will offer you the most favorable energy formula.

BEE = your partner for sustainable energy supply

The BEE sales team and the BEE energy advisers are happy to advise and assist you.


Smart Power

Join the market of supply and demand and take advantage of possible price reductions in accordance with your consumption profile.

You do not pay average prices for your consumption, but the actual hourly rates, based on the energy exchange spot market (Epex Spot) where we buy energy for the next day.

You will always receive an electricity price in line with the market and with absolute transparency. Smart Power is based on direct purchase on the wholesale market.

SmartFix Power

BEE has the right expertise to follow up your energy file and fix consumption volumes for you at a fixed price throughout the contract period. You are assured of the best terms and conditions.

BEE can fix baseload blocks for you throughout your contract period and depending on the liquidity available on the market. Baseload blocks are fixed at a fixed price, determined per block for a certain period during your contract term.

BEE can hedge for you at the right time or for your desired period.

Electricity contract tailored to your business

Benefit from a unique and innovative proposition and maximise the sustainability of your business

Tailored to your consumption profile, BEE can capture "as-produced blocks" as a percentage of injection from clearly defined green generation plants at a fixed price determined per generation plant (wind, solar or bio) for you.

Volume deviations (based on quarterly measurements) from the captured volumes are settled at a variable Belpex hourly price.

The digital meter is extra beneficial for your business!

Does your company not yet have a digital meter? Then definitely consider the (accelerated) switch. Chances are you will quickly save 10-15% on your energy bill.
The digital meter also provides a wealth of data. This allows you to optimise your consumption and rates.

The 'Champions League' of sustainability: the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA)

Locally generated green energy for your business

Sustainability has become a basic principles for most companies.

However, an ever-growing group of the world's top companies goes one step further: they aim for a visible impact: they can do this by investing in renewable energy and energy savings at their own locations. But if that is not (entirely) possible, they will enter into a long-term agreement with new sustainable energy installations.

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Our supply experts are there for you!

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Energy Sharing

Energy sharing is presented as a way to market your injection more cheaply or make your offtake cheaper, but often the complexity of the matter is underplayed.

BEE can help you on your way to making an informed choice.

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Develop and co-invest in your own energy project

Your energy project starts with a concept design and a detailed business case with clear ROI scenarios. Our engineers and financial analysts work with you to develop a profitable energy project.

I want to develop and co-invest

Producing sustainable energy together

BEE generates local, renewable energy on a large scale using solar panels, wind turbines or green heat plants. The generated renewable energy can be delivered directly or indirectly to your company.

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