Imelda Hospital Bonheiden

Imelda Hospital Bonheiden

The Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden has become a bit greener since June 2019, when a PV installation of 1137 solar panels (renewable energy) was installed. It generates green electricity that is used for the hospital's cooling systems and scanning devices.

In addition to the existing cogeneration (installed in 2014), 1137 new solar panels and 7 inverters were installed on the roofs of the various hospital buildings by BEE last year. With a total capacity of 358 kWp, Imelda is thus providing approximately 3.5% of its own energy needs, which, in addition to the 18% from cogeneration, means that over 20% of its energy needs are met. The production of the PV plant corresponds to the consumption of about 100 households.

About the client

The Imelda Hospital is not only a reference in healthcare, but also wants to make a positive contribution to a sustainable environment and greener energy consumption.

For example, with every extension or renovation, Imelda Hospital always considers proven technology such as energy-efficient split air conditioners with inverter technology, automatic sun blinds, double glazing, roof insulation, energy-efficient elevators, LED lighting and energy saving motion detectors, etc.

All these measures are part of a master plan to reduce the hospital's ecological footprint.

Stefaan Claeys, facility director: “Of course, caring for our patients comes first, but we are also caring about the environment in which our patients are looked after. The Imelda Hospital is surrounded by a considerable nature reserve and forest. We attach great importance to them and are happy to invest in the future. The installation of these solar panels is one initiative which could lead to more. We also have big plans for our new entrance hall. The use of green roofs will ensure perfect integration into our green environment. ”

In time, Imelda's ambition is to transition to being a fully energy-neutral hospital. BEE is only too happy to contribute to that objective.

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